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2023. Action, Horror, Adventure 114m


Rita is the daughter of a family carrying an ancient blood with extraordinary abilities. Every hundred years they need to sacrifice a human blood to protect the people and the city. Rita doesn't believe in that. she gets into trouble fighting for her daughter and has to participate in the last episode of an adventure show, where the destiny brings her to the altar in the rocky vertical mountains where the monster lives.


nahaei 01.jpg
Dandelion Season

2021 . Drama 114m


Defiant young Persian woman, Hanna seems to be forced into an arranged marriage in America. Arranging anything for this talented, head-strong woman was their first mistake.



2018 . Drama 21:34m


A young pregnant Kurdish girl survives the ISIS attack on her village. She flees Kurdistan with a group of refugees without any identification document. Two American volunteers, Tina and Victor set out to help her. Victor is a war veteran and does the volunteer work to ease his conscience by helping innocent war victims.Suddenly something strange happens and they find out why she is hiding her identity...

Festival Attendance and Awards:

 -Winner of Most Daring Feature- Short/ Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival 2018.

 -Winner of Best Foreign Short Film/ Action on Film Mega Fest 2018.

 -Winner of Award of Merit/ Bali Film Award 2018.

 -Winner of Award of Excellence/ Borobudur Film Festival 2018.

 -Finalist of Las Vegas International Screenwriting Competition 2017.

  -Honorable Mention of Independent Short Awards 2018.

 -Official Selection: ​3rd International Pune India 2018, ASA Humanitarian Film Festival 2018, Jelly Film Fest 2018, Film Carpet 2018,  Baku International Cinema Festival 2017, Olympus Film Festival 2018, Cinema Through Women's Eyes 2018.


2014.  Action/ Drama 7:14m


 A young  deaf mother has a difficult job as a high rise window cleaner. She cleans windows while hanging on ropes. One day in a strange happening,She saves the life of a human being.

Festival Attendance and Awards:

 -Winner Best Female Director/ 3th International Acton On Film Festival- AOF 2017.

 -Winner of Best Director Job Film Festival 2014.

 -Finalist European Independent Film Festival 2017.

 -Official Selection: 

Marina Del Ray International Film Festival2, The Other Film Festival, Hollywood Blood Film Festival, Reel Abilities Film Festival, Action On Film International festival , Pipa Film Festival Brazile  , Image Of The Year film & Photo festival(Tassvir Sal) ,Tehran International Film Festival.

silence poster.jpg
Dance With Me

2012 . Drama 18:00m


Maryam finds out that she is pregnant, but her partner is lost in political upheavals in Tehran. To give birth to a baby outside a formal marriage is illegal in Iran. To have an abortion is also illegal, so she is caught in a dilemma for seven days.

Festival Attendance:

Cannes 2012, Tehran International Short filmFestival, Dohuk International Film Festival, Image of the Year Grand Festival, Black Star Film Festival, No to Violence Against Women Film Festival, Khorshid National Film Festival, San Mauro Film Festival.


2009 . action 12:00m


A boy lives in his game world of action where his father is the hero.

Festival Attendance:

 Bushu Hungary International Film Festival, Image of the Year Grand Festival, Tehran International Film Festival.

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